AdventureQuest Mail-in Form
for Character # 0

If you would like to upgrade your character, please print out and mail this entire form through postal mail with your check or money order payment of in United States dollars.

Game Account Information
User Login Name: _________________________________________
Email Address: _________________________________________
Character: 0
Product Type:

Payment Information
Choose Method of Payment: [ ]Check   [ ]Cash   [ ]Money Order
Name as it appears on check: __________________________________
Check Date: __________________________________
Check Number: __________________________________
City/State/Country: __________________________________
Telephone: ___________________________________
Make checks payable to: Artix Entertainment, LLC
Amount: US Dollars
Send to: Artix Entertainment, LLC
P.O. 2005
Land O' Lakes, FL, 34639
* Make a copy of this form for your records.
* Write your Character ID Number on your Check or Money Order.
* Visit for questions about the status of your payment.